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From Biobased Safari to a very first introduction to biobased options for the construction and infrastructure sector. The fourth edition of Natural Fibertastic has a fascinating and broad program. The natural fiber event of the year takes place on April 16, 2020, again in Het Groot Arsenaal in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Top speakers from the biobased world, a tour of biobased projects in the region, a biobased market: the varied selection of Natural Fibertastic ensures an increasing number of visitors every year. “We hope to receive more guests again this year,” says Leon Joore. He is chairman of the Natural Fiber Application Center. The NAC organizes the event together with Biobased Delta, the Municipality of Bergen Op Zoom, province of Noord-Brabant, West-Brabant region, Rabobank, REWIN and Curio.

‚ÄúTogether we think it is enormously important that the construction and infrastructure sector makes the necessary transition to sustainable solutions for 2030. Natural fiber can play an important role in this. Just think of embankments and benches from bio-composite, made from biomass. Researchers, suppliers, education, governments and buyers meet at this event. We hope that the exchange of knowledge and new connections lead to an acceleration of developments. “