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On Tuesday 22 September 2020, the fourth edition of Natural Fibertastic (NFT2020) will take place in Bergen op Zoom, now in a 'light' version due to COVID-19. A maximum of 60 participants are allowed.

The purpose of this NFT light edition is to share knowledge and experiences, especially in the field of construction and infrastructure; from fiber raw material to application and crossovers. Participants are inspired by practical presentations and the innovation market. There is also ample opportunity for networking and informal matchmaking. Also, the NFT Award will be presented.

Of course we will comply with all COVID-19 measures of the Dutch RIVM. Therefore, the number of participants is limited to 60. To obtain a balanced group of participants, some parties are selected for pre-registration.

Participation is free, but at no-show a fee of € 50 will be charged.