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For the sixth time, the Natural Fibre Application Centre together with the Province of North Brabant, the Municipality of Bergen op Zoom, Circular Biobased Delta, VanGuard, Rewin West Brabant and Curio organised the Dutch natural fibre event of the year in 2022: Natural Fibertastic.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Natural fibres are becoming an increasingly important raw material for new materials in the global transition. Together with circular materials and concepts, biobased materials are part of the solution to climate change and resource scarcity. Circular and biobased solutions reduce the need to mine fossil raw materials. The entire chain from biobased raw materials to applications in the construction, infrastructure and packaging sectors was in the spotlight during Natural Fibertastic 2022.

Cor van Oers wins Oeuvre Award Bergen op Zoom
Aaik Ridenburg wins NFT2022 Award

Two awards were presented on the day to ‘veterans’ in the biobased economy.

Cor van Oers (left), project leader of the Biobased Innovation Garden, won the ‘Oeuvre Prize’ for his ongoing role in researching the suitability of agricultural crops for biobased applications.

The Natural Fibertastic Award 2022 went to Aaik Rodenburg (right) for his role as pioneer and champion of biopolymers. Both awards were presented by Dietmar Lemmens of Bergen op Zoom municipality.

Coming soon on Agro&Chemistry: a report of the event.

Photos: Pierre Gielen