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'Training employees of the future starts in primary school. Terms such as sustainability, renewability and biobased must already be discussed there. And then receive attention throughout the school career, up to the masters degree. '
Editorial office / Brussels

That is what Nelo Emerencia, program director of the Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC) says in his blog on Agro & Chemistry. ‘It should not depend on a single inspired teacher whether the biobased economy gets attention in the classroom. It must become a fixed part of all European school programs.’

In Europe, several colleges and universities are engaged in biobased training, but the coordination is lacking, according to Emerencia. This way the wheel is reinvented every time. As the first step to change this, the Bio-Based Industries Consortium will start a survey in 2019 to identify the competencies and skills that the industry is looking for in employees.