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The development of the bio-based industry in Central and Eastern European countries is lagging behind, despite the large availability of biomass and agricultural residual flows from those countries. This is the conclusion of Nelo Emerencia, program director of the Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC).
/ Brussels

In practice, a low score on biobased activities is usually found in countries that score moderately or low on the ‘European innovation scoreboard’. According to Emerencia, this is not surprising: ‘Biobased industry is strongly linked to the willingness to innovate and to break the boundaries between the – often conservative – sectors.’

The country reports issued by the BIC help countries in which the biobased industry is hard to get off the ground. Three recently appeared on Poland, Portugal and Romania. Three will be added later this year, about the Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. More reports will follow in the coming years, if the financing for this is completed.