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For the first time, the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) has published a Trend Report on how Europe can unleash the full potential of the bioeconomy, enabling it to better contribute to the EU’s green transition.
Editorial office / Brussels

In 2012, the world admired Europe as a global frontrunner for launching its EU bioeconomy strategy. Today, the world and Europe look to other regions that are bolder in making the bioeconomy a strategic industry sector. In particular, the US with its recently-launched initiatives, and bold goals, as presented by Mary Maxon of Schmidt BioFutures during the 10 Years of BIC celebration in Brussels on 5 October. But also China, India and the G20.

It means Europe and EU policy-makers must take a fresh look at the bioeconomy, and how it can enable circularity, climate change mitigation and resource efficiency, and drive reindustrialisation in the coming years.

The Trend Report is the result of four workshops organised by BIC with EU bioeconomy stakeholders in 2023, which included representatives from the European institution, NGOs, think tanks and private sector companies. Illustrated with real life case studies from the private sector, the Trend Report provides key take-aways from the workshops and policy recommendations to unlock innovation potential of Europe’s circular bioeconomy.

Regulatory framework needed

“One of things the EU can do to positively impact the bioeconomy in a big way and accelerate the bioeconomy is to establish a regulatory framework that will reduce our dependency on virgin fossil carbon. Not only for fuels, but also for the fossil carbon that is used as a material in the products we make and use in Europe”, said Rob Beekers, BIC Chairman.

According to Dirk Carrez, BIC CEO: “What makes the bio-based industry stand out is the way it takes a systematic approach, thus creating new industrial ecosystems (…) and in doing so, they are addressing economic, social and environmental impacts – from sourcing to production, and from processing to delivering to end-users.”

The BIC Trend Report can be downloaded from the brand new BIC website, which was also launched this week. Click the button below to take a look.

Image above: the BIC team, ltr. Patricia Vanderplasschen, Marco Rupp, Sophia De Smet, Dirk Carrez, Samuele Ambrosetti, Nelo Emerencia. On the far right BIC Charmain Rob Beekers.