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Board material production at IKEA

IKEA switches to biobased adhesives for board production

To reduce the climate footprint of board materials, IKEA will replace all fossil-based adhesives with biobased…

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Demolishing a concrete building

Biobased chemicals may lead to a breakthrough in cement recycling

The production of concrete causes 7% of total global CO2 emissions. These emissions can be significantly…

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Sensing - sensor technology in industry

Sensors help make chemistry more sustainable

In the Netherlands, the top sectors ChemistryNL, Holland High Tech, Top Sector ICT - Team Dutch…

Editorial office / Nijmegen

Consumer in the supermarket

‘Uniform label for sustainable products needed’

A unambiguous hallmark is needed for sustainable Dutch products, says the Consumer & Market Authority (ACM)…

Editorial office / The Hague

Clean ocean

Lactips raises € 13 mio for ‘edible’ bioplastic

Lactips, the French company specialized in producing an edible and water soluble bioplastic, has raised €…

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PLA 3D printer filament

UK scientists develop new PLA recycling method

Bioplastics, made from polylactic acid (PLA) are becoming increasingly common in consumer products. Although PLA is…

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