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Lactips, the French company specialized in producing an edible and water soluble bioplastic, has raised € 13 million in new capital. This will enable the company to ramp up its product development and industrial facilities. Lactips develops innovative and responsible biosourced, biodegradable and water-soluble plastics with zero environmental impact.
Editorial office / Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds

With this key round of fundraising, Lactips will accelerate the industrialization of its plastic pellets and films to offer a wider selection of fully biodegradable and recyclable biosourced packaging. Lactips will press forward with its breakthrough in the packaging products, to respond to the issue of micro-plastics ending up in the oceans. In addition, Lactips will be looking to conquer certain packaging markets in the food and construction sectors as well as singleuse packaging.

Lactips’ industrial project is being supported by the SPI fund within Bpifrance, which, through this operation, wants to help drive progress with this essential industry for the ecological transition, while helping create an industry in France with a strong future in this area.

Lactips is also being supported by MCHC, which is committed to develop and offer solutions for a sustainable future. In Japan, which aims to recycle 100% of new plastics by 2035 by developing biodegradable replacement solutions, this support will be not only financial, but also industrial and commercial.

“This 13 million euros fundraising is structural and strategic at the same time, thanks to these two new shareholders. More than ever, our industries need new solutions to respond to future economic challenges tied to the goal of reducing the environmental impact of plastics. Since our company’s inception, we have successfully demonstrated that our innovative material can cover a wide range of applications. This support for our mission, built around a vision of an economy that is more respectful of the environment and human health, will enable us to rapidly transition to production phase, while continuing to develop the planet’s greenest plastic”, states Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff, CEO and cofounder of Lactips.

Image: Moonlightt/Shutterstock