Living Ecosystem sep 2022

How to get the biobased transition up and running

How can we involve more people in the biobased transition and stimulate the use of biobased…

Pierre Gielen

Thalles and Tielly in the BBE lab

New developments in the field of PHA

Sewage water and sludge are raw materials for the production of PHA: biodegradable biopolymers made by…

Pierre Gielen

Plastic bags

Circular pathways for bio-based plastics require more cooperation

The demand for plastic packaging, of which a small part is bio-based, has increased strongly in…

Anne-Charlotte Hoes, Greet Overbeek, Marieke Meeusen

BAC Breda

Confusion about biodegradability of bioplastics

What is biologically degradable, or biodegradable plastic? Is that the same as compostable? And does this…

Pierre Gielen

Step into the world of elephant grass, with vibers

Step into the world of elephant grass, with vibers

"Change the script. Join the vibe." The invitation could not be more clear. Use vibers ™…

Harm Ikink

100% biobased textile not a matter of course

100% biobased textile not a matter of course

Wool, linen, cotton: the textile industry has traditionally used natural materials. And yet precisely this industry…

Pierre Gielen


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Fashion designer

PANGAIA and Avantium to launch sustainable clothing collection from PEF

PANGAIA and Avantium partner to bring sustainable apparel collection based on Avantium’s 100% plant-based PEF to…

Editorial office / Delfzijl

HICCUPS Project Team

CO2 from wastewater sludge becomes new feedstock for biobased polymers

Twelve partners from seven European countries will demonstrate the full value chain from biogenic CO2 from…

Editorial office / Hürth

Zero emissions in 2050

Roadmap helps plastics industry reach zero emissions and circularity targets

Plastics Europe released the Plastics Roadmap last week. This roadmap outlines a plan of action for…

Editorial office / Brussels

LEGO Chemie

LEGO abandons use of circular or biobased plastic bricks

Despite earlier promises, LEGO continues to use virgin fossil oil in its building blocks, said CEO…

Editorial office / London

Braskem I'm Green bio-ethanol

Braskem and SCG Chemicals to build 200kt bio-PE plant in Thailand

Braskem, the Brazilian biopolymers producer, and Thai petrochemicals company SCG Chemicals plan to jointly build a…

Editorial office / Rotterdam

Agricultural mulch film

Avantium rewarded €0.76 million for participation in Rebiolution

Avantium has received €760,000 from the EU Horizon Europe programme for its participation in the Rebiolution…

Editorial office / Amsterdam


bio!TOY 2021

ARVENA PARK - Das Hotel am Franken-Center GmbH, Nürnberg