Living Ecosystem sep 2022

How to get the biobased transition up and running

How can we involve more people in the biobased transition and stimulate the use of biobased…

Pierre Gielen

Thalles and Tielly in the BBE lab

New developments in the field of PHA

Sewage water and sludge are raw materials for the production of PHA: biodegradable biopolymers made by…

Pierre Gielen

Plastic bags

Circular pathways for bio-based plastics require more cooperation

The demand for plastic packaging, of which a small part is bio-based, has increased strongly in…

Anne-Charlotte Hoes, Greet Overbeek, Marieke Meeusen

BAC Breda

Confusion about biodegradability of bioplastics

What is biologically degradable, or biodegradable plastic? Is that the same as compostable? And does this…

Pierre Gielen

Step into the world of elephant grass, with vibers

Step into the world of elephant grass, with vibers

"Change the script. Join the vibe." The invitation could not be more clear. Use vibers ™…

Harm Ikink

100% biobased textile not a matter of course

100% biobased textile not a matter of course

Wool, linen, cotton: the textile industry has traditionally used natural materials. And yet precisely this industry…

Pierre Gielen


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Researcher in Kelpi seaweed lab

Kelpi raises €3.5 million to develop coatings from seaweed

Packaging made from seaweed is moving a lot closer to the supermarket shelf, now that UK…

Editorial office / Bath

Hand with looking glass and microplastics

Teijin develops PLA that degrades faster in the ocean

Teijin Frontier has developed a PLA variant that biodegrades faster in oceans, rivers and soil, helping…

Editorial office / Japan

Leaf closeup

4th International Conference on Biobased & Biodegradable Textiles and Plastics

The importance of biobased and biodegradable materials is still growing in the European textile and plastic…

Editorial office / Ghent

LEGO mad scientist

Step towards strong and sustainable biobased plastics

In The Netherlands, scientists from the Industrial Sustainable Chemistry group led by Prof Gert-Jan Gruter of…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Plastic pellets

‘Boosting biomass as well as recycling turns bioplastics into carbon sink’

Plastics show the strongest production growth of all bulk materials and already account for 4.5% of…

Editorial office / Delft

Bugaboo stroller

Bugaboo introduces first bio-based stroller portfolio

Bugaboo has introduced a new stroller portfolio made from bio-based materials. To make this possible, Bugaboo…

Editorial office / Amsterdam


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