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The Interreg project GREENER is organising an online workshop about biobased and biodegradable polymers as sustainable alternatives for the widespread and water-soluble polyacrylic acid on 4 October 2021.

GREENER is an interdisciplinary project in which several knowledge institutions and companies based in Belgium and the Netherlands work together to contribute to a reduction of the microplastics pollution. By using biobased and biodegradable polymers as sustainable alternatives for polyacrylic acid, the amount of microplastics that enter the environment can be reduced. Only non-toxic, naturally occurring compounds are released upon degradation of these polymers.

The workshop will be informative and offer the opportunity to meet all project partners during several brainstorm sessions, about superabents, coatings, biomedical materials, processing via 3D-printing, electrospinning, etc.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

Image: Solarseven/Shutterstock

13:00 Opening remarks and general introduction, by Assoc. Prof. Katrien Bernaerts (Sustainable Polymer Synthesis group, Maastricht University)
13:20 Development of polyaspartate copolymers by Sofia Vynnytska (PhD student, Sustainable Polymer Synthesis group, Maastricht University)
13:40 Development of polyaspartate crosslinked polymers, by Lauren De Grave (PhD student Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials, UGent)
14:00 Pitches by the industrial partners (Govi, Millvision B.V. and Tenco DDM)
14:20 Guest lecture "3D4Med - printing op polymer implants for biomedical applications" by Prof. Jean0Marie Raquez (project leader, UMons)
14:40 Guest lecture "From concerete tot high-quality concrete" by Prof. Hubert Raihier (project leader, VUB)
15:00 Break
15:30 Brainstorm sessions (register for two of the following topics: Superasorbents, Coatings, Biomedical materials, Processing via 3D-printing, electrospinning, etc.
17:00 Closing remarks