Living Ecosystem sep 2022

How to get the biobased transition up and running

How can we involve more people in the biobased transition and stimulate the use of biobased…

Pierre Gielen


“Everybody wants biobased feedstocks”

Bio-based raw materials already exist and they are emerging. Especially in construction, it is no longer…

Pierre Gielen


Biobased already commonplace in some areas

On the last day of September, the first lustrum of Natural Fibertastic was celebrated in Bergen…

Pierre Gielen

Getting acquainted with biobased materials in The Growing Pavilion 6

Getting acquainted with biobased materials in The Growing Pavilion

Biobased materials are different. They cannot be compared to stone or steel or traditional plastics. They…

Pierre Gielen

Zoomland viaduct: bio-based showcase across the motorway

Zoomland viaduct: bio-based showcase across the motorway

Field voles, pine martens and foxes already know where the Zoomland viaduct is. The Brabant Landscape…

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Harvesting Miscanthus

Dutch cabinet to boost biobased building

The Dutch government is going to encourage building with bio-based raw materials in the coming years.…

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CBCI Living Lab

Interreg project on circular bio-based construction completed

The European Interreg 2 Seas project on biobased construction Circular Biobased Construction Industry (CBCI) has been…

Editorial office / Breda

Demolishing a concrete building

Biobased chemicals may lead to a breakthrough in cement recycling

The production of concrete causes 7% of total global CO2 emissions. These emissions can be significantly…

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Biobased Acceleration Day

How to get the market for bio-based products in motion

How do we market bio-based products? How do we get them on the shelves, convince buyers…

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Biocomposite bridge

High-tech bridge built with flax and bio-resin

Flax has been used for thousands of years for clothing, sacks or robust ship ropes. However,…

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Bio-receptive concrete makes facades greener

The Delft-based Dutch company Respyre has developed an innovative bioreceptive concrete solution for making facades greener…

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