Living Ecosystem sep 2022

How to get the biobased transition up and running

How can we involve more people in the biobased transition and stimulate the use of biobased…

Pierre Gielen


“Everybody wants biobased feedstocks”

Bio-based raw materials already exist and they are emerging. Especially in construction, it is no longer…

Pierre Gielen


Biobased already commonplace in some areas

On the last day of September, the first lustrum of Natural Fibertastic was celebrated in Bergen…

Pierre Gielen

Getting acquainted with biobased materials in The Growing Pavilion 6

Getting acquainted with biobased materials in The Growing Pavilion

Biobased materials are different. They cannot be compared to stone or steel or traditional plastics. They…

Pierre Gielen

Zoomland viaduct: bio-based showcase across the motorway

Zoomland viaduct: bio-based showcase across the motorway

Field voles, pine martens and foxes already know where the Zoomland viaduct is. The Brabant Landscape…

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Biobased building, office

Better Biobased Building Blocks for the construction industry

In the B4 - Better Biobased Building Blocks - project led by TNO, 11 partners in…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Nature House Ballast Nedam

Carbon credits trade for biobased building started in the Netherlands

Ballast Nedam Development in the Netherlands is the first construction and development company in the world…

Editorial office / Amsterdam


French artist creates temple out of mycelium

Artist Côme Di Meglio and his team from the French Studio La Succulente has designed the…

Editorial office / Marseille

Biobased and nature inclusive cladding panels

New bio composite cladding panels are form-free, biobased and nature-inclusive

Biocomposite manufacturer NPSP and Studio Marco Vermeulen are developing biobased and nature-inclusive cladding panels for the…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Forest in Finland birdseye view

Planting trees for housing can save the world

According to German professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the solution to the climate problem does not need…

Editorial office / Potsdam

Harvesting Miscanthus

Dutch cabinet to boost biobased building

The Dutch government is going to encourage building with bio-based raw materials in the coming years.…

Editorial office / The Hague