Plastic bags

Circular pathways for bio-based plastics require more cooperation

The demand for plastic packaging, of which a small part is bio-based, has increased strongly in…

Anne-Charlotte Hoes, Greet Overbeek, Marieke Meeusen

Biobased Delta organises discussion about greening

Biobased Delta organises discussion about greening

The development of the biobased economy should go up a notch. Plastic soup, the essential CO2…

Pierre Gielen

Microplastics in the environment

Microplastics in the environment

Plastics can create huge environmental problems for animals and humans. By now the plastic soup has…

Lucien Joppen


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Microplastics onder water en zonnestraal

Sunlight breaks down microplastics in the ocean

UV light from the sun slowly breaks down plastic floating on the oceans; partly to invisible…

Editorial office / Den Hoorn

Waste landfill in Asia

“Netherlands world leader in plastic waste export”

In 2021, the Netherlands was the EU's largest exporter of plastic waste, mainly to countries in…

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Clean ocean

Lactips raises € 13 mio for ‘edible’ bioplastic

Lactips, the French company specialized in producing an edible and water soluble bioplastic, has raised €…

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Circular pathways for bio-based plastics require more cooperation 2

Circular management of biobased packaging can be improved

How can the circular management of biobased packaging be improved? That was the subject of a…

Editorial office / Wageningen

Sea turtle eating plastic bag

‘Degradable’ plastic bags still not gone after 3 years

Biodegradable plastic bags can still be used after three years in nature to carry heavy groceries,…

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Mutant enzyme ‘eats’ plastic bottles

Scientists have accidentally created a mutant enzyme that breaks down plastic drinks bottles. The breakthrough could…

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