Kid drinking from a paper cup with a straw

Eco-friendly straws contain toxic substances

Consumers who drink via paper straws are at risk of ingesting PFAS, researchers at the University…

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Ecopoon expands battle with disposable cutlery

For entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector who abhor the tasteless look of disposable cutlery, Belgian start-up…

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Single Use Plastics

‘Don’t exclude biodegradable plastic from SUP ban’

Following in the EU's footsteps, UK Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs…

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Greening Formula 1: no more single-use plastic bottles

Greening Formula 1: no more single-use plastic bottles

Formula 1 racing is not a sustainable sport yet, but the F1 organisation is taking steps…

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Clean ocean

Lactips raises € 13 mio for ‘edible’ bioplastic

Lactips, the French company specialized in producing an edible and water soluble bioplastic, has raised €…

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