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Electrolux has developed a refrigerator prototype where all the visible plastic parts are made of bioplastics from renewable sources. It is the world’s first refrigerator made of bioplastic and part of Electrolux strategy to create more sustainable home appliances.
Editorial office / Stockholm

The material used in the refrigerator has been provided by NatureWorks, a supplier of biopolymers, like PLA made from CO2. The bioplastic used has 80% lower CO2 equivalent emissions compared to the conventional plastic used in current fridges.

Over the last several years, Electrolux has explored and tested how bioplastics can be applied in Electrolux products and packaging. ‘Our ambition is to develop even more innovative, sustainable home appliances that we might see on the market in the future’, said Jan Brockmann, Chief Operations Officer at Electrolux.

Electrolux has already committed to materials efficiency through the use of post-consumer recycled plastics, such as Carborec®, a plastic compound based on recycled polypropylene, extending the lifetime of plastic coming from non-renewable resources. The bioplastic refrigerator is still in development and there is currently no timeframe set for when the product will be officially launched on the market.