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Louise Vet

More than two birds with one stone

16 / 11 / 2017

My first TEDXAmsterdam talk, in 2009, was called ‘Towards a circular economy: let’s be positive’. Yes…


Sugar beets in a field

“Our entire process is already largely circular”

From bioplastics to medicines, from chemical building blocks to fuels and food ingredients; sugar beet is…

Pierre Gielen


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Biobased and nature inclusive cladding panels

New bio composite cladding panels are form-free, biobased and nature-inclusive

Biocomposite manufacturer NPSP and Studio Marco Vermeulen are developing biobased and nature-inclusive cladding panels for the…

Editorial office / Amsterdam


‘Energy crisis should not come at the expense of forests’

Europe's energy crisis should not come at the expense of forests, warns the World Wildlife Fund…

Editorial office / Gland

Forest in Europe

European forest growing faster that it is harvested

Despite the increasing use of biomass for energy and materials, Europe’s forests are still steadily growing,…

Editorial office / Brussels

Waterplants in a pond

Bergen op Zoom gets biobased water plant islands

Dutch Water Tech from Bergen op Zoom is building sustainable, floating water plant islands together with…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom


Unilever invests € 1 billion in Climate & Nature Fund

The Unilever brands will jointly invest 1 billion in a new climate fund that contributes to…

Editorial office / London

Green planet

Circular bioeconomy should focus on sustainable wellbeing

Leading representatives from science, investors and industry, including The Club of Rome, presented a new 10…

Editorial office / London