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The Unilever brands will jointly invest 1 billion in a new climate fund that contributes to a green and healthy planet, the British multinational announced.
Editorial office / London

The new Unilever CEO Alan Jope pointed out that amidst the focus on COVID-19 and anti-racism protests, we must not forget the climate crisis. “It is also still threatening all of us. biodiversity loss, water scarcity, all these issues are interrelated, and we must tackle them all at the same time. “

The new fund will invest in for example projects to restore landscapes, reduce carbon emissions or replant forests and restore habitats for flora and fauna. In addition, Unilever sees the economic and social involvement of smaller farmers as a crucial part of its strategy to make agricultural production more sustainable and to stop deforestation, said Marc Engel, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Unilever. “They are ultimately the stewards of the ground. We must work with them and provide resources to take a step towards nature restoration.”

Unilever will continue to focus on reducing the amount of plastic by collecting waste and by packaging its products in a more sustainable manner. By 2039, all Unilever brand products must be produced climate neutral.

Image: Teo Tarras/Shutterstock