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Two men shake hands at chemical plant

Embracing chain-wide circularity for climate neutrality

Europe wants to be climate-neutral and that can only be achieved by embracing circularity, also in…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

North Sea Port Ghent harbour

Climate plan for the Ghent Canal Zone and North Sea Port

The Ghent part of North Sea Port in Belgium has all the unique assets to become…

Editorial office / Ghent

Swedish PlasticsRecycling

Swedish company to build worlds largest climate neutral recycling plant

Swedish PlasticRecyling is investing about € 100 million (SEK 1 billion) in building the world’s largest…

Editorial office / Motala

Green Crocs

Crocs to become 100% plant-based

It is perhaps the least sexy footwear in the world, yet over 700 million pairs of…

Editorial office / Broomfield

Fibrants Caprolactam plant at Chemelot

Fibrant reduces CO2 emissions by 0.6 megatons

Chemical company Fibrant reduces annual CO2 emissions by approximately 0.6 megatons CO2 equivalent in a single…

Editorial office / Geleen

GHG 40-55%

Binding obligation for EU to be climate neutral by 2050

The European Parliament has reached an informal agreement with member states on the EU Climate Law.…

Editorial office / Brussels