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Europe wants to be climate-neutral and that can only be achieved by embracing circularity, also in the chemical industry. Chemical recycling is playing a growing role in this and this requires companies to take action now. "Sitting still is not an option," says Freek van Eijk, vice-chairman of Circular Biobased Delta.
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In order to speed up the upscaling of chemical recycling, it is necessary to bring together different parties, each with a different mindset or interest, from start-ups that want to be agile and act fast to chemical multinationals with their extensive and cautious decision-making processes and governments that put the interests of society and the environment first.

As a triple helix organisation and neutral transition broker, Circular Biobased Delta connects the parties and organises a national summit in the Netherlands in November: the Chemical Recycling Summit about the progress made in the value chains in the Netherlands in integrating chemical recycling technologies.

However, the challenges of chemical recycling are also played out on an international scale, in Flanders and the Ruhr region. On 15 September CBBD is organising an international event about this in North Rhine-Westphalia: NRW-Dutch cross-border opportunities in Chemical Recycling. A similar event in the Antwerp/Ghent region may be organised later this year.

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