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Climate change dry field

‘Costs of European climate policy exceed the benefits’

The costs of European climate policy are 10 times as high as the benefits, said economist…

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Kangoeroes in bosbrand Australië

Weather extremes are becoming the new normal

The earth is warming up and that is due to mankind. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate…

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Flood Africa

€5 million subsidies for rolling out climate-impact solutions

To support developing countries in the fight against climate change, the Government of Flanders launched the…

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Inaugural address of Egbert Dommerholt

Negative economic growth as an ideal

Our western economy is too dominant and revolves unilaterally around growth and profit. As a result,…

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Unilever invests € 1 billion in Climate & Nature Fund

The Unilever brands will jointly invest 1 billion in a new climate fund that contributes to…

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VIB gets permit to continue CRISPR maize field trial

VIB gets permit to continue CRISPR maize field trial

The Flemish Institute for Biotechnology VIB has received a permit for continuing a field trial with…

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