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BTG has launched a new Bio2Match tool that matches biomass crops with suitable conversion technologies. The tool is now available online.
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The tool uses data on biomass properties and technology requirements to guide the user to the optimal match between biomass resources and conversion technologies. It is possible to get quick guidance on the possibilities to convert lignocellulosic, oil, fibre and speciality crops to produce heat, electricity, biofuels or bio-based materials. The tool can also advise the user on the type of pre-treatment needed, for example drying or sizing, to suit the biomass for the conversion technology. It is accompanied by a clear user guide and a tutorial video, which make it easily accessible for new users.

The Bio2Match tool was developed in the framework of the MAGIC project and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. MAGIC explores the cultivation of industrial crops on marginal lands to avoid land-use competition with food production. The industrial crops can contribute to new market opportunities, business models and sustainable farming systems which create value for farmers in the EU.

Image: engineer story/Shutterstock