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SH2IPDRIVE (Sustainable Hydrogen Integrated Propulsion Drives), a consortium focusing on the application of hydrogen in the maritime sector, announces that it is receiving a grant of €24.2 million from the R&D mobility fund.
Editorial office / Rotterdam

The regional development agency of South-Holland InnovationQuarter organised and facilitated the cooperation within a diverse group of 25 companies and knowledge institutions that are working together within SH2IPDRIVE on a broad and ambitious innovation project to accelerate the introduction of hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier for ships.

With a total budget of 34 million euros, extensive research is being carried out into the application of hydrogen on board ships and the acceleration of the movement towards zero-emission shipping.

This lays the foundation for a strong maritime hydrogen sector in the Netherlands. This project is part of the so-called Maritime Master Plan.

Read more on the website of InnovationQuarter.

Image: Avigator Fortuner/Shutterstock