Rob Vasbinder

Green hydrogen from pruning waste and roadside grass

Green hydrogen and biomethane will become indispensable energy carriers in the future carbon-free economy. The Dutch…

Pierre Gielen

Auto Draft 1

Hydrogen, the rising star

The hydrogen star as a key to a sustainable society is rapidly rising. For industrial processes,…

Marjolein Roggen

‘Hydrogen key to the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands’

‘Hydrogen key to the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands’

The Northern Netherlands intends to produce billions of cubic metres of hydrogen. It intends to do…

Pierre Gielen


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Shell Moerdijk

Shell to invest billions in making Chemicals Park Moerdijk more sustainable

Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk announced plans to become a chemical park with zero net CO2 emissions…

Editorial office / Moerdijk

Fuel cell

Iron replaces platinum in new fuel cell

Researchers at Imperial College London have developed a hydrogen fuel cell that works with iron, carbon…

Editorial office / London

Shell Pernis Port of Rotterdam

Shell first customer for hydrogen pipeline Rotterdam

Gasunie and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, working together under the name HyTransPortRTM, have started preparations…

Editorial office / Rotterdam

Force IX hydrogen racing car

Delft hydrogen-powered racing car peaks at 800 hp

Students at TU Delft in The Netherlands presented their latest hydrogen-powered racing car in January. The…

Editorial office / Delft

Gaussin H2 Truck Dakar

Dakar Rally with hydrogen-powered trucks

The first hydrogen-powered vehicles are driving the Dakar Rally this year experimentally. The organisation of the…

Editorial office / Paris

Hydrogen truck

Green light for H2Global initiative

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWi) announced a financial allocation in…

Editorial office / Berlin