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After 10 years at the forefront of promoting the biobased and circular economy in the south-west of the Netherlands (and far beyond), Circular Biobased Delta (CBBD) will conclude its activities with a closing meeting on 6 July 2023.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

CBBD started in 2012 as Biobased Delta with the premise of ‘Agro meets chemistry’: agriculture was seen as a future raw material supplier for the chemical industry. In recent years, CBBD played an important role in establishing strong networks, sharing knowledge, creating conditions for technological development, helping entrepreneurship thrive, pushing for better legislation and funding opportunities, as well as regional and international cooperation.

Pioneering projects got off the ground, whose impact far exceeded the borders of the south-western Netherlands: in the field of natural fibres, high-potential crops, polymers, chemical building blocks, dyes, pyrolysis, bio-asphalt, construction and infra, a procurement database and so on.

“These valuable activities in the first quarter of 2023 will be transferred and taken over by other platforms,” writes chairman Willem Sederel in the April CBBD newsletter. “Projects like CHAPLIN (bio-asphalt, ed.) and the Chemical Recycling Network will continue with the same speed and momentum as in 2022.”

The energy with which these projects continue is evident from the amount of activities and events planned in the coming months:

  • 17 April: Conference No Time to Waste! (The Hague)
    Results of a survey on the hurdles entrepreneurs have to overcome to get ‘End of waste’ status for their circular products.
  • 26 April Event NCR & PyroCHEM project: laws and regulations in transition (Moerdijk)
    The Chemical Recycling Network and the PyroCHEM (pyrolysis) project join forces
  • 8 May Workshop: separation techniques at Alfa Laval (Breda)
    Exclusive event for Network Chemical Recycling members
  • 14 June Circular Plastics Conference 2023 (Utrecht)
    How to tackle plastic waste and ensure it will be recycled.
  • 21 June Expedition Day CHAPLIN (Utrecht)
  • 6 July Meeting Circular Biobased Delta 10 years (with Rabobank Bergen op Zoom)
    Looking back at 10 years of sustainable progress and innovation in the circular and biobased economy. Looking ahead to continuing the development and deployment of biobased pathways and circular solutions.

Like to know more? Check the Circular Biobased Delta website.