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"The Circular Biobased Delta (CBBD) foundation wants to get some 100 projects and programs on track in the coming years that will contribute to CO2 reduction in the southwest of the Netherlands", said Herman de Boon, board member and former chairman of CBBD in Agro&Chemistry. The goal: 10 megatonnes of CO2 reduction in the Delta region by 2030.
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It is an ambitious goal that requires that everything that CBBD undertakes in the coming years must be result-oriented, according to De Boon. That also requires selectivity. The new chairman, Willem Sederel, added: “The idea is to have a sort of Top 10 of projects every year that we follow closely with advice and action, for example by making use of our network within the chemical industry, agribusiness or in Brussels. The CBBD foundation will get to work on supporting 2 or 3 large projects per year. This means, for example: providing financing, knowledge and manpower with partners to set up the projects, build consortia, lobby and help make scaling up possible.” The ecosystem in the Delta region offers numerous facilities for this.

In the Agro & Chemistry of June 2020, Willem Sederel and Herman de Boon explain in detail how the Circular Biobased Delta foundation will accelerate the green transition towards a circular biobased economy in the Delta region.

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