Two men shake hands at chemical plant

Chemical recycling requires new coalitions

Europe wants to be climate-neutral, and that can only be achieved by investing fully in circularity.…

Pierre Gielen


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Windmills in a rape seed field

Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) becomes MNEXT

The Dutch Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) has been renamed MNEXT. Under this banner,…

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Harvesting sugar beets

Circular Biobased Delta ends, but projects continue

After 10 years at the forefront of promoting the biobased and circular economy in the south-west…

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Waste processing

Obbotec builds hydropyrolysis demo plant in Rotterdam

Despite the drive for circularity, many waste streams are still being landfilled and incinerated because there…

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Electricity mast

Potentially large CO2 savings in Central and West Brabant

The business community in the Central and West Brabant region is ready to make a substantial…

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BioVoice Match Event 2021

BioVoice challenges lead to new forms of cooperation

The biobased challenges of BioVoice are leading to more and more forms of cooperation between large…

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Action agenda 'Green chemistry, new economy' launched

Action agenda ‘Green chemistry, new economy’ launched

The Netherlands and Europe want to reduce CO2 emissions from industry completely by 2050. The Dutch…

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