Chemical industry workers

Sustainable Industry Challenge 2023 finals in Emmen

The chemical industry is on the lookout for innovations to become fully sustainable, using for example…

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Bioextrax wins Green Chemistry part of SIC 2020

Suiker Unie chooses Bioextrax as the SIC 2020 winner

Suiker Unie has chosen Bioextrax as the winner of its challenge in the "green chemistry" category…

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CFK Recycling wins Sustainable Industry Challenge 2020

CFK Recycling wins Sustainable Industry Challenge 2020

At the New Year’s reception of Groningen Seaports in Delfzijl last week, CFK Recycling from Germany…

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Chemical Park Delfzijl

40 Top companies at final Sustainable Industry Challenge

No fewer than 40 innovative companies (scale-ups) from 13 different countries have been selected and invited…

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'PEF/FDCA flagship plant Avantium operational in 2023'

Northern-Netherlands is looking for ‘green’ scale-ups

Economic Board Groningen organizes in collaboration with partners in the Northern Netherlands an internationally oriented pitch…

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Chemport Expo 2023

Visitors GETEC PARK.EMMEN, Emmen