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SuikerUnie will soon be launching the new Green Circles sustainability concept. This is an innovative and cooperative method for an integral approach to sustainability that also stimulates the circular economy in the region.
Editorial office / Dinteloord

At the moment, SuikerUnie is already working on the energy transition and on closing local cycles. For example, the cooperative supplies residual flows such as lime fertiliser and digestate to its member farmers, and green gas to the gas grid. In the Agro&Food Cluster Nieuw Prinsenland

Agro&Food Cluster Nieuw Prinsenland (Dinteloord), residual water from the beets (and in the future, perhaps also from residual heat and CO2) goes to the surrounding horticultural businesses.

Green Circles however, looks beyond its own chains. Sustainability Manager Andries Olie says: ‘It’s also about larger issues, such as circularity, soil management and biodiversity. For example, we are in talks with the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden (which will be re-opened in mid 2019, ed) about soil microorganisms.’

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