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The Green Chemistry Campus (GCC) in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, wants to become the epicentre for pyrolysis and green chemistry activities. An outdoor location will soon become available for companies looking for space for their pyrolysis demonstration plant.

The Demofacility of the Campus was already available for installations on a pilot scale. For example, it houses TNO’s advanced pyrolysis equipment under the banner of the Shared Research Centre Biorizon, which is used to produce bio-aromatics from lignin. Until last year, the somewhat larger demo plants were located at the South Netherlands Pyrolysis Laboratory on the Port of Moerdijk industrial estate. This location is no longer available. There is only room in Moerdijk for commercial-scale pyrolysis plants. The Campus therefore wants to expand its facilities further, so that an innovation cluster around pyrolysis can be created in Bergen op Zoom.

Connie Paasse, director of the Green Chemistry Campus: “We are not only focusing on companies involved in the pyrolysis technology itself, but also on companies that specialise in purifying the raw materials or, on the contrary, the output of the pyrolysis process, such as pyrolysis oil and gas. By offering these companies relevant facilities and services, the Campus aims to actively promote cross-fertilisation so that the West Brabant region remains an epicentre of activity in the field of pyrolysis. This fits in well with the current focus on green chemistry. Entrepreneurs in that field will also be able to benefit from the new facilities and the broader network.”

Task force

A task force has now been set up to develop the accommodation on the (outdoor) site, which is adjacent to the SABIC chemical company grounds. As a result, the Campus has all the relevant permits and procedures and has specialised in facilitating sustainable chemical innovation since 2011. The ambition is for the outdoor location to become available in the second half of 2022.

The development of an outdoor site for pyrolysis activities on the Green Chemistry Campus is part of the PyroCHEM Park project, which is made possible by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of OPZuid.

Wishes of interested parties can be included in the work of the task force. For more information, please contact business development manager Marcel van Berkel.

Image: Green Chemistry Campus