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The closing conference of the Horizon2020 LIBBIO project will be held online on June 10, 2021.

The Andean lupin is at the heart and centre of this international research project. It’s a unique crop, due to its low nutritional requirements and ability to fixate nitrogen (making it suitable for marginal lands) as well as its highly valuable components, such as protein and oils. It’s a crop that not only makes farmers happy, but also offers potential applications in feed, food, and even cosmetics markets.

The project objectives were to:

  • Maximise crop yield
  • Develop consumer food, feed, non- food and bio-energy products
  • Develop biorefinery principles to increase crop value
  • Use solvent-free technology to accelerate supply chain development

During the closing conference, the results of over four years of research across seven work packages, 14 teams, and eight EU countries will be presented. The event will be celebrating the research done into the benefits, processing methods, applications, and business models of the Andean lupin; a versatile, protein-rich crop, bound to compete with soy and make waves across Europe.

You will receive a Teams link for the conference after registering.

Image above : Cyrustr/Shutterstock

This project has received funding from the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 720726"

13:00 Arrival and introduction / Sanne de Boer (Hanze UAS)
13:10 Theme 1: Cultivation / Gonçalo Canha and Filipa Setas (Lucosem)
13:25 Theme 2: Valorisation / Bertjan van Dinter (Vandinter Semo)
13:40 Theme 3: Processes and Supply Chain / Rob van Haren (Research Centre Biobased Economy, Hanze UAS)
13:55 Conclusion and positioning of project / Páll Árnason (Innovation Centre Iceland)
14:05 Discussion
14:20 Close