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The Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE-BBE) of the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences Avans and HZ wants to collaborate more closely with the Flemish Ghent University of Applied Sciences (HOGENT). This may lead to an International Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy.
Editorial office / Dordrecht

“It would be a nice result of the Boundless Biobased Education (GBO) project,” said Han van Osch, HZ / CoEBBE Education project leader last week during the closing event of this cross-border Interreg project. During the GBO project, exchange programs were already in progress between the universities of applied sciences and, among other things, a joint project at a brewery in Flanders, where students from Avans and HOGENT investigated the value of residual flows.

CoEBBE is also active in the formation of a broad European knowledge network: the European Educational Community of Practice Biobased Economy. In addition to the Netherlands and Flanders, teachers from Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic and Greece are involved. This should continue to grow to 23 countries and at least 52 knowledge institutions. Van Osch: “You can be sure we will be hearing more about this!”

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