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Innovative start-ups in the biocircular economy are currently in the spotlight. They receive plenty of media attention and sometimes win several prizes. Subsequently, however, commercial development stops. The Green Chemistry Innovation Lab (iLab) helps them move forward.
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Geert Mol, project leader of this iLab: “We support start-ups in green chemistry across the board: with accessible housing and lab facilities, sources of funding, guidance and support by people with technical competences, but also through coaching in the field. of entrepreneurship. Moreover, in the Circular Biobased Delta region, we have access to an extensive ecosystem, a relevant network of companies, governments and knowledge institutions from MBO to university. ”

Shortly after the creation of the new iLab, two start-ups already registered: Bionative Industries, which makes water-soluble plastic substitutes from starch, and designer Don Kwaning, who develops packaging and building materials from the Pitrus plant.

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Image: Bionative Industries