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Flemish spearhead cluster Catalisti is organising the Tech meets Chem event on 24 January in Antwerp (Belgium), as part of the Smart Industry Week. It is an interactive exchange on digitalisation in the chemical industry, with several inspiring sessions and networking opportunities.
Editorial office / Antwerp

The following technology developers are participating:

  • University of Antwerp (supercomputing, AI)
  • Citymesh, Orange, Siemens (industry solutions, telecommunications, 5G)
  • The Grain, ML6 (AI/Machine Learning)
  • Digi-Flow (IT/OT security, enterprise digitisation)
  • Rombit, BASIL, Pàu, In The Pocket, (varia software)
  • Cronos (IT/OT integration)

In addition, project consortia from recent Catalisti projects will provide an update on their experiences, results and lessons learned. Among others, the finalised Living Lab Training 4.0 and the ICON project Real-time Data Assisted Process development and Production in CHEMical applications (DAP²CHEM) will be discussed. The latter is now in full preparation for a follow-up project: Efficient Learning for CHEMical applications (EL4CHEM), for which partners are still being sought.

Image: metamorworks/Shutterstock