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The sustainability of superabsorbent polymers/hydrogels (SAP) in many medical, hygiene, consumer and agro-products, typically with a short lifespan, has a high potential and a high request for “greening”. In Flanders, the BioSAPs consortium is developing biobased and biodegradable SAP solutions based on different biobased building blocks (e.g. polyesters, polysaccharides or polypeptides), which will improve the overall life cycle sustainability.
Editorial office / Antwerp

To complete the consortium, the BioSAPs consortium and Catalisti (the Flemish spearhead cluster for chemistry and plastics) are searching for companies active in the fields of the different envisaged applications:

  • a company active in water retaining technologies and looking for biodegradable SAPs (e.g. agricultural, construction);
  • a company with expertise on diagnostic tools and/or medical devices;
  • a company with expertise in the development of base materials for wound healing products and/or hygiene products.
  • other companies interested in biodegradable SAPs.

The current consortium consists of a polymer architecture company and a company with experience in both developing microbial processes as well as expertise in biodegradation assessment of plastic polymers.

See the Catalisti website for the full Request for Partners (RfP) and respond before 5 October 2021.

Image: Gilmanshin/Shutterstock