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Catalisti (Catalysing innovation and transition in chemistry and plastics, Flanders Belgium) recently issued a call for industrial partners in its project Advanced Tailored OLigosaccharides (ATOL), which is part of the Renewable Chemicals program.
Editorial office / Belgium

ATOL focuses on the production and use of tailored oligosaccharides. Depending on their structure, oligosaccharides are known for their interesting bio-active properties such as prebiotic activity, anti-oxidant, anti-hypertensive, anticoagulant agent, plant elicitors, … They can be used in food industry (stabilizer, thickener), pharmaceuticals (absorbing & gelling agent, excipient), medical devices, personal care industry (creams, lotions), cardboard and paper industries. Additionally, oligosaccharides can be grafted onto surfaces or used as tunable polar structure in biological, biodegradable and/or biocompatible dispersants.

The current industrial partners will focus their efforts on the development of feed additives and dispersants. To complete the consortium, Catalisti is searching for additional industrial partners that can perform the tasks described below. The list of tasks, however, is not limiting, other relevant expertise and/or potential applications can also be offered.

  • Companies interested in oligosaccharide process development and/or with expertise in fractionation, purification, derivatization
  • Companies interested in sugar monomers and/or oligomers as building blocks and/or as active ingredient
  • Companies interested or experienced in functionality assessment

Deadline for responding is 20 januari 2017.