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The Flemish organisation Catalisti is searching for industrial partners for the CO2-perate project. The project brings together expert scientists to develop the technology to convert CO2 and water to value-added chemicals using catalysis and renewable energy.
Editorial office / Schaarbeek

To benchmark, compare, and develop the various technologies, the formation of formic acid was selected, the first product of the hydrogenation of CO2 towards value-added chemicals, as the initial target. Formic acid, often called a “multi-talented classic”, is widely used in the leather and textile industry as a tanning agent, more recent applications involve its use as a preservative and an antibacterial agent (especially in Europe, due to the total European ban on non-prescribed feed antibiotics), as feedstock for microbial synthesis to replace H2 as a reductant, and as a reversible hydrogen storage material (53 g H2/l).

Furthermore, the use of renewable energy will be studied both to produce the hydrogen feedstock as well as to supply the processes of their demands. To this end, an energy model of these processes will need to be developed with special attention to the dynamics. Using renewable energy in these processes equals storing renewable energy; integrated in a smart grid, it resembles flexible storage of renewable energy, flexibility which can be offered to the energy market.

To foster interaction with the industry, the project partners are looking for companies that wish to be involved in this strategic basic research (SBO) project. The primary role of companies during the implementation phase is:

  • to assist the research from an economic point of view;
  • to assist in designing and preparing the translation of the results into concrete economic applications.

During the SBO project execution, companies may contribute as member of the advisory committee. In addition, they may prefer at their own expenses to undertake parallel R&D activities that are related to the subject of the SBO project. The advisory committee is open to all interested companies, including companies established outside the Flemish region.

If you want to reply, or for any further questions, please contact  Linsey Garcia-Gonzalez (+32(0)479 450 426) or Luc Van Ginneken (+32(0) 477 979 947). The RFP closes at September 1st 2017.