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The PROMIS project in Flanders aims at making polyurethane (PU) more sustainable, by developing a new bio-based value chain for the production of isocyanates for PU from renewable feedstock and improving the circularity of the process, thus recycling PU and reusing the corresponding isocyanates.
Editorial office / Antwerp

The purpose of this project is to have a strong consortium that covers the entire PU value chain. In addition, it would be valuable to have a company with expertise in PU recycling in order to close the PU loop. Being successful in this project, the gained information will lead to the production of bio-based multi-reactive isocyanates and renewable PU value chains in Flanders and beyond.

The current PROMIS consortium consists of a global producer of PU insulation materials and a global producer of PU adhesives, sealants and foams. To complete the consortium, the Flemisch spearhead cluster for chemicals and plastics Catalisti is looking for industrial partners with expertise in producing isocyanates and expertise in recycling PU.

The deadline for submissions is 8 December. See the Catalisti website for details.

Image: Gabor Tinz/Shutterstock