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Stora Enso is extending its packaging offering with a new portfolio of bio-based foams from wood. The products are fully recyclable and can be used for protective and thermal packaging.
Editorial office / Sweden

Fossil-based packaging is a major contributor to pollution, accounting for 40% of the world’s plastics. With the two new lightweight wood foams (Fibrease and Papira), Stora Enso now introduces renewable and climate-friendly alternatives to fossil-based packaging protection. The bio-based foams come from certified wood and are recyclable in paper recycling streams.

Fibrease is already commercially available, while the pilot plant for the production of Papira has become operational at the Fors site in Sweden. Here Papira is being evaluated as a packaging foam and validated in customer tests. Stora Enso already has a factory in Fors that produces lightweight board for consumer packaging.

Image: Stora Enso