Coated textile

BioNIPU makes bio-based, non-toxic PU for textile coatings and elastomers

Polyurethane (PU) is a versatile polymer that has many applications, for example in coatings for the…

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Circular mattress

Covestro and Recticel close PU mattress cycle

In the European research project 'PUReSmart', Covestro and Recticel have succeeded in recovering the two main…

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PU foam

Creating a sustainable PU value chain

The PROMIS project in Flanders aims at making polyurethane (PU) more sustainable, by developing a new…

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PU foam insulation

LIBERTY wants to make PU greener with lignin

The Belgian innovation agency Catalisti is looking for industrial and scientific partners for the LIBERTY consortium,…

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Yellow liquid in pipet test tubes

Toyochem launches new biodegradable polyurethane adhesive

Toyochem Co., Ltd., a member of the Toyo Ink Group of Japan, has developed a new…

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Recticel roof insulation

Making a circular product from thermoset PU

The new European PUReSmart project will explore new methods, technologies and approaches to transform thermoset PU…

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