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From 1 October, Koen Janssen will succeed Marnix van Gurp and Peter Wolfs as managing director of the Brightlands Materials Center (BMC) in Geleen. He worked for DSM for 31 years and is returning to The Netherlands after three years in the United States.
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“BMC has what it takes to become an international leading institute in the field of circular materials, with a strong foundation with TNO and the Province of Limburg as shareholders and initiators of this cooperation. I would really like to contribute to that,” he says. The bar will be set high. “BMC must and can play a crucial role in the transitions to sustainability and circularity. We have no time to lose.”

Koen Janssen does see that BMC’s cooperation with other institutes could be more intense: “The CHILL labs and the students, fellow research institute AMIBM, Brightsite, Circular Space, and BMC for example are all top organizations that have to secure their own funding. This is always a struggle, and has an inhibiting effect. In that sense, it’s much better to join forces. I also see that many SMEs aren’t aware of our existence. These companies in particular have specific knowledge and expertise, they know what is and isn’t possible in practice. BMC is the link between science and business. More visibility, opening the doors wider; this is what I would like to see.”

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Image: BMC/YouTube