Source B to the next phase? 1

Source B to the next phase?

A period of reflection started in Limburg after the black gold disappeared from this southern province…

Pierre Gielen

Emmo Meijer

Five years of Source B, too brief for an anniversary

“Five years is really far too brief for an anniversary. Especially for a transition that takes…

Emmo Meijer

Search for potential agricultural waste streams

Search for potential agricultural waste streams

Limburg and the surrounding border regions have plenty of agricultural land at their disposal. Potentially the…

Marjolein Roggen

Handshake wirh protective gloves on

Cooperation: the foundation for success

Limburg has always been an outward-looking province, with intensive border traffic. No wonder: no other Dutch…

Pierre Gielen

Meijer Beurskens twan

Role for Province of Limburg in the transition Decisive, proactive but also facilitating

A transition to a biobased/circular economy requires the public sector to have a proactive and facilitating…

Lucien Joppen

inscite bioplant

Seeking ties across the border: condition for transition to a biobased economy

Cooperation in a powerful network is crucial to ensure the efficient growth of biobased R&D and…

Kelly van Bragt


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Chemelot InSciTe’s success is just a foretaste

Chemelot InSciTe helps startups scale up

Chemelot InSciTe is much more than a pilot plant. "“Each project is assigned two project leaders:…

Editorial office / Geleen

Special: 5 years Source B

Source B working on the Limburg biobased economy

Agro&Chemistry traveled to the south of the Netherlands to get a good picture of the Limburg…

Editorial office / Maastricht

Mockup of infographic

Limburg ecosystem foundation for a circular biobased future

As part of the '5 Years Source B Special', Agro & Chemie has published an infographic…

Editorial office / Maastricht

Abbey of Rolduc, Kerkrade

Centre stage for biomedical bioplastics

Developments in the field of (bio) plastics for medical applications are central during the Brightlands Rolduc…

Editorial office / Kerkrade

AMIBM ABC Conference Stage

From spider silk to biocomposites

More than 300 visitors attended the third ABC Conference at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus last week.…

Editorial office / Geleen

Meijer Beurskens twan

Limburg: innovation leader instead of follower

The economy in the Provence of Limburg is growing at an above-average rate and the European…

Editorial office / Netherlands