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Regions play an important role in further developing the bio-based economy in Europe, as they can support the establishment of (regional) innovative value chains. They are also best situated to identify the locally available feedstocks (from agriculture, agrofood, forestry, residual and side streams, etc.) that can trigger the bio-based economy. Finally, regions can play a crucial role in attracting public and private investments in local demonstration or flagship projects, and which will be creating jobs, economic growth and new opportunities.
Marco Rupp

However, companies and start-ups looking for financial support for scaling up bio-based innovation can find it difficult to find information on regional funding.

For a long time, we at BIC have been working together with regions in various ways. One of BIC’s objectives is to bridge the gap between bio-based investment opportunities and financial incentives at regional level. A major milestone in reaching that objective was the creation of our regional platform in 2020, to better connect industry members with European regions.

Now, and complementary to the regional platform, we are launching a database, that includes a search tool, for regional funding information and opportunities for bio-based projects.

There are two main benefits of the new BIC database:

  • The search function makes it easier for companies to find regional funding opportunities. For regions, the database can facilitate peer learning and policy exchange on funding programmes between the regional members.
  • Funding information for the database was collected directly from the regions. The focus of the database is on funding for advanced projects in the bioeconomy (at least technology readiness level 7 i.e. demonstration in operational environment or higher).

BIC will update the database twice a year. The next update is in September 2022.

If you are interested in regional funding opportunities for bio-based businesses, get in touch with us at: