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We have recently published the last annual call of the current Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU). Since 2014, the kick-off date of the BBI JU, the bio-based industry in Europe has come a long way within the Horizon 2020 programme.
Dirk Carrez

As the Horizon 2020-programme is coming to an end, we are looking forward to Circular Biobased Europe: a new, more ambitious and comprehensive partnership for de biobased industries with the European Commission. We are making efforts to involve new stakeholders such as the primary sector, regions and financial institutions.

The overall objective of the proposed European Partnership is to continue with the societal transition towards a sustainable bio-based economy, leading to sustainable and competitive solutions for more circularity and use of European biomass, residues and waste, with a focus on regional approaches, paving the way for climate neutrality by 2050. This is fully in line with the European Green Deal.

Together with several other associations and stakeholders from across multiple and diverse sectors, we have developed a Vision for a circular, biobased society for 2050. We want to achieve a circular bio-society:

  • where informed citizens will benefit from a bioeconomic societal model;
  • where bio-based products and services are both competitive in price and performance;
  • where Europe is the global hub for biobased industrial investment;
  • and where a sustainable bio-based industry will play a central role in the fight against climate change.

Based on these targets, we have started to develop the a draft Research and Innovation agenda (SIRA) for Circular Biobased Europe.

The common element

BIC, the Biobased Industries Consortium, is not a classical industry trade association. Our companies represent many different industrial sectors, and also our many associate members come from different disciplines and sectors e.g. universities, think-tanks, research institutes, regions, etc.

But the common element that brings us together is the belief that new connections and innovations across different industries and disciplines are needed to create bio-based value chains. And we will continue to do this.