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Dirk Carrez

Biobased economy in Europe on the right track!

27 / 03 / 2017

The biobased economy becomes an important industrial sector contributing to the priorities of the current Juncker…


Ltr. dr. Elyas Moghaddam, Senior Technology Expert en Wim van der Zande, CEO GIDARA Energy en prof. dr. ir. Wiebren de Jong, professor of Large-Scale Energy storage at the department Process & Energy, TU Delft.

GIDARA Energy and TU Delft to build Gasification Innovation Centre

GIDARA Energy is to build a Gasification Innovation Centre in Rotterdam together with TU Delft. The…

Pierre Gielen

Bio-based solutions for a future-fit Europe

Bio-based solutions for a future-fit Europe

The ambitious Green Deal of the new European Commission aims at a cleaner, circular future for…

Pierre Gielen


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Food waste

Belgium second largest food waster in Europe

Flanders has wasted almost 900,000 tonnes of edible food in 2020, enough to feed over 800,000…

Editorial office / Brussels

Ecover cleaning products from food waste

Ecover presents 97% biobased cleaning products

Cleaning with leftovers from wasted food; it can be done with the new line of cleaning…

Editorial office / Ghent

DEEP PURPLE: purple phototrophic bacteria

Urban biorefineries turn waste into biomaterials

Urban waste streams often contain a large amount of materials of biological origin, such as mixed…

Editorial office / Brussels

Biowaste, organic waste

Presentation and showcase Tech4Biowaste

The Tech4Biowaste database will be showcased online by its developers on 30 March 2023. This is…

Editorial office / Brussels

Biowaste, organic waste

Presentation and coaching sessions Tech4Biowaste database

The Tech4Biowaste database is looking for innovators who want to showcase their technologies for bio-waste conversion.…

Editorial office / Brussels

DEEP PURPLE: purple phototrophic bacteria

Purple bacteria convert bio-waste into plastics, cellulose and cosmetics

DEEP PURPLE is not only the name of a legendary rock band. It also refers to…

Editorial office / Toledo