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How do we market bio-based products? How do we get them on the shelves, convince buyers and make biobased the new normal? On this subject, Biobased Innovation Garden organised the Biobased Acceleration Day on 5 July at the Rusthoeve Agricultural Innovation and Knowledge Centre in Colijnsplaat, Zeeland (The Netherlands).
Editorial office / Colijnsplaat

According to Cor van Oers (manager at Delphy and project leader at Biobased Innovation Garden), there are already many plant-based alternatives to traditional petroleum-based materials. “We just have to get them into the shops. It has to be done a bit faster.”

During the Acceleration Day, it was discussed what needs to be done to make that happen. Sometimes it is a matter of legislation, sometimes a matter of knowledge and information. Standardisation and professionalisation of bio-based products is also crucial. Moreover, vegetable raw materials to make them must of course be available. Arable farmers are indispensable in this respect. And they will only opt for biobased crops if there is a fair price for them.

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