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Dutch biotech start-ups STENTiT and Vivolta will collaborate with Corbion on the development of a regenerative stent for clinical use. The three companies are members of the Smart Biomaterials Consortium (SBMC), an initiative of the Brabant Development Company (BOM). They want to ensure that the stents reach patients as quickly as possible.
Editorial office / Eindhoven

Initially, the focus is on patients suffering from a severe form of etalage legs; a progressive vascular disease in which the blood supply to the feet is pinched off. Blood flow to the foot can be restored using an endovascular stent made of degradable nanofibres.

The stent is a support structure that is inserted into the artery. Thanks to its porous structure, the inflow of blood cells is possible. This triggers a natural healing reaction, with new vascular tissue growing from within. In the long term, this will prevent hundreds of thousands of amputations per year worldwide. In time, the stent will dissolve safely, leaving no residue in the body.

For more information, visit the SBMC website.

Image: STENTiT