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The Dutch company Liquidseal has developed an innovative bio-coating technology to extend the shelf-life of perishable products. It is a biodegradable coating for fruits that forms a chemical-free protective layer reducing water loss, physical stress and contamination.
Editorial office / Leiden

This presents a promising route for more effective preservation of fresh fruit on the journey from farm to consumer. Almost half of all food products does not even make it to the supermarket because it goes to waste along the way.

Liquidseal, originating from the flower industry, is now involved in two new research & development projects aimed specifically at coatings for bananas and eggs. The company was recently awarded €450K from Eureka Eurostars for the Banana-Seal project (total budget €1M), and €350K from Eureka Globalstars for the EggsTEND project (total budget €950K).

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Image: Studio Peace/Shutterstock