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Before the end of the year, the Enschede-based company BTG wants to set up a new technology company to convert crude pyrolysis oil is into an advanced marine diesel. It will be the first refinery in the world where biofuel is made from pyrolysis oil.
Editorial office / Enschede

The new company will be called BTG-neXt. BTG-neXt primarily focuses on the construction of a demonstration refinery where fully renewable marine diesel can be produced from pyrolysis oil, with the aim of demonstrating that continuous production is possible. Pyrolysis oil is made from natural residues such as sawdust and roadside grass and could be used as a replacement for fossil fuel.

Scaling up

The new demo factory has an intended capacity of 1,000 tons of marine diesel per year. From there, further scaling up is looked at. René Venendaal, CEO of BTG: “The goal is to roll out commercial factories with a capacity of a few tens of thousands to possibly hundreds of thousands of tons of marine diesel per year on the basis of the demo.” Such a commercial factory could come to Rotterdam for example, or in the Eemshaven (Groningen).

The plans that BTG has set out until 2030 have been received with enthusiasm. For GoodFuels, pioneer and market leader in sustainable biofuels for shipping, they offer sufficient reason to study the possibilities of a joint investment in the demo factory. The low-sulfur shipping diesel from pyrolysis oil meets the stricter standards that apply from 2020 for sulfur emissions from shipping.