Cross-border cooperation in biobased materials 8

Cross-border cooperation in biobased materials

Imagine you could get tobacco plants to make elastin-like proteins with the properties of spider silk.…

Pierre Gielen


Joe Biden

US invests $2 billion into bio-based production and biotechnology

US President Joe Biden last week launched an ambitious $2 billion plan to boost the bioeconomy…

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Regenerative stent

Smart biomaterials can prevent thousands of leg amputations

Dutch biotech start-ups STENTiT and Vivolta will collaborate with Corbion on the development of a regenerative…

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Abbey of Rolduc, Kerkrade

Centre stage for biomedical bioplastics

Developments in the field of (bio) plastics for medical applications are central during the Brightlands Rolduc…

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Man in lab

MERLN lab tour during 3D Medical Conference & Expo

The 3D Medical Conference and Expo in Maastricht gives a select group of visitors the unique…

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3D printing sample

Medical implants from the 3D printer

PLA is a very useful material for printing medical scaffolds: temporary implants on which stem cells…

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