ZAP: pivot between education, research and business 1

ZAP: pivot between education, research and business

True innovation in the chemical and bioprocessing technology sector is being created in a fertile environment,…

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Plant in test tube

Knowledge drives the biobased chemical industry in the North

North Netherlands truly excels at green chemistry. The foundation of this is formed by an extensive…

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ZAP Innovation Hall

New facilities for innovation in northern Netherlands

The biobased economy in the north is about to benefit from a number of brand-new innovation…

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BioMCN will produce renewable methanol with green hydrogen

Space for innovations in green chemistry

The north of the Netherlands is the perfect place for working on green chemistry, thanks to…

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ZAP Innovation Hall

ZAP opens new Innovation Hall in Groningen

Today, 10 October, Sustainability Day, the new ZAP Groningen Innovation Hall is officially opened by the…

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BioBTX opens pilot plant in Groningen

BioBTX opens pilot plant in Groningen

BioBTX B.V., a sustainable technology development company, announced the official opening of the pilot plant for…

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ZAP biobased research to open new innovation lab in june

In June of 2018 the Zernike Advanced Processing (ZAP) facility in Groningen will open the doors…

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