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The Zernike Advanced Processing (ZAP) facility in Groningen (The Netherlands) will take a unique multi-purpose reaction and separation unit (MRSU) for biomass into use this year. The unit was designed by Chemical Engineering instructor Mark Meerdink and students of the Hanze University.
Editorial office / Groningen

The MRSU is a versatile, but also complex installation that can be used for many chemical processes, including polymerisation, crystallisation and the accurate separation of materials. The design is completely customised by a team of Meerdink, who is also ZAP’s project leader for construction and equipment, with students and companies. It is taken into account that the unit must meet the requirements of all those involved, the partners of ZAP (Hanze University, University of Groningen and Noorderpoort College) and companies from the north of the Netherlands that want to use the MRSU for their own research.

The team is still busy installing and preparing the unit. The MRSU will be ready for use in the course of 2022.

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Image: ZAP Groningen